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Stop Living with Damaged Wood Flooring

Let’s be honest, your wood floor is way too expensive to let it sit there with scratches, dents, and warping floorboards. But who has the money and time to completely replace a hardwood floor? Well, lucky for you there is an alternative option that the team here at Fabulous Floors Michigan is happy to offer. Get a hardwood floor refinishing in Ann Arbor from us to completely revitalize your old wood flooring. We can achieve a nearly identical transformation for a small price and in less time than it would take to replace hardwood flooring. Call us today for a free price estimate.

before and after hardwood floor refinishing in Ann Arbor, MI
A recently refinished hardwood floor in an Ann Arbor home

The Best Way to Refinish Wood Floors in Ann Arbor

We understand the challenges you may face when searching for hardwood floor refinishing service, especially in a city like Ann Arbor. There are so many options available. That’s why we wanted to break down our simple 4-step process to help you see what sets the Fabulous Floors Michigan team apart from other wood floor refinishers in the area.

  1. Remove Nails/Carpets/Staples – This will allow us to focus on the floor without trapping anything under your new finish.
  2. Start Sanding – We use a gentle method that eliminates damage without leaving behind a lot of dust.
  3. Apply a New Stain – We have a wide array of colors available to ensure we get you the color of your dreams.
  4. Seal the Deal with a High-Quality, Polyurethane Finish – We wrap up the process by applying a high-quality finish to lock in the look for the years to come.

This process has been tested and proven as one of the best ways to refinish wood floors in Ann Arbor, MI. Each of our skilled technicians is well-trained in the process and will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and concerns. You can also ask them about our state-of-the-art hardwood floor resurfacing service.


“The floors are beautiful and look wonderful. The guys are knowledgeable, friendly, and hard working. They are proud of their work.”

– Diana H.

“I love the transformation! Tony was very meticulous, professional & informative on each step of the process. He would text his ETA daily so I would know when he would arrive & explained how to care for the finished floors to keep them looking Fabulous. Was a pleasure having Tony in my home sharing his expertise & craftsmanship.”

– Lee C.

See Ann Arbor’s Favorite Hardwood Floor Refinisher in Action

If you’re more of a visual learner then this video is for you. We created it to give you a good example of what we can do in less than a week for your old and beat-up wood flooring. After you check it out, give the Fabulous Floors Michigan team a call to set your hardwood floor refinishing in Ann Arbor, MI today!

Thinking your floors only need a bit of a facelift? Check out our hardwood floor resurfacing service!


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