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fabulous floors michigan technician refinishing a hardwood floor

Hardwood floor refinishing is the ideal service for those that would like to change the stain color of their floors or if a floor has deep scratches, warped boards or other types of serious damage then we recommend refinishing. Although our hardwood refinishing service may have a higher price tag compared to resurfacing, it stands out as a considerably more cost-effective alternative than opting for a complete replacement of your hardwood flooring. It serves as a remarkable investment for your home, providing long-lasting value and enhancing its overall appeal. Our exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to quality have made us the preferred choice for homeowners, investors, and individuals who value the art of transforming hardwood floors. Your floors will be sanded down to bare wood, stained with your choice of color, then sealed and coated with the highest quality polyurethane available. Just like the meticulous process of painting a classic car, we ensure to sand the stain between each coat and apply a polyurethane sealant. This detailed approach ensures that your floors’ finish has depth and maintains a stunning appearance. We offer three types of finishes for our refinishing service: gloss, semi-gloss or satin.

a resurfaced parquet floor

Hardwood resurfacing doesn’t affect your wood floor in terms of its integrity or color, and our service is completely green & safe for your family. We’ve got a quick and efficient process that lets you get back to your usual routine in no time, so there’s no need to leave while we’re working. Revitalizing your hardwood floors through resurfacing provides a cost-effective enhancement for your home. What distinguishes our service is its efficiency — we typically complete projects within a single day, offering a quick turnaround. On top of that, our hardwood resurfacing service starts at a cost of only 99¢ per square foot, which also makes it incredibly easy to estimate the cost of your project – simply measure the square footage of the area to be resurfaced. Our resurfacing method uses a specialized buffing process that selectively removes the existing finish. This meticulous approach allows us to effectively eliminate imperfections such as scratches, scuff marks, dull areas, and even discoloration. After we buff away the scuffs, we will apply a thin coat of our polyurethane product to seal and protect your hardwood floors.